Health Awareness Corner from the Saint James Health Ministry:

Crystal Richburg Oliver, Ministry Leader

Did you Know? Summer Safety Awareness can reduce the risk of injuries when safe behaviors are practiced.  Here are some tips to help keep your summer safe, fun and enjoyable.

The Sun with its warmth and healing powers can be dangerous if not regarded properly.  Did you Know?  

·        That everyone regardless of skin color can sunburn? The recommended SPF is at least 15 and higher if you have lighter skin, applied to all exposed skin.  Apply and reapply as directed, choosing waterproof when engaging in outdoor physical activities. (

·        Infants, Elderly, Athletes and Outdoor workers are at the greatest risk for heat strokes.  Drink plenty of fluids, plain or electrolyte based.  Choose fruits with high water contents, ie: Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Oranges.  Avoid vigorous physical activity in hot/humid weather.  Cool off…Wear light-colored clothing, hats, find shade, rest, cool skin off with water and/or fan.  Nausea, Vomiting, Weakness, Headache are some signs of heat stroke that may require immediate attention.  Call 911 for immediate attention!

·        Learn Water Safety.   Provide adequate supervision around pools, lakes, bathtubs, buckets at your home and around your neighborhood.  Children can drown in less than 2 inches of water.  It can happen when you least expect it.  Learn how to swim by qualified instructors.  Use proper fitting life vest for children near water.  Gates with self-closing latches, pool covers, alarms and removing pool toys when done with play, provide an extra measure of protection.

·        Wear Protective Gear.  Helmets for bike riding, mouth guards for contact sports and sunglasses/eye shields all proper fitted for the best protection.

·        Avoid Distracted Driving.  Texting, eating, reading, looking after children in the car, can take your attention off the road compromising safety.  Use hands-free devices for phone usage; teach children good behavior in a car, pledge not to text and drive.

·        Learn First Aid/CPR.  Go to for training centers near you or Newark Beth Israel Medical Center (Training Center’s # 1-888- 277-2281)

·        Call 911! For all real or suspected emergencies.  Push Hard And Fast in the center of the chest Until Help arrives or The Victim responds, Only if a victim is NOT Breathing.  Compression Only/Hands Only CPR can be very effective in pumping blood to the major arteries of the heart and brain, increasing their chances of survival.

·        Above All BE Safe, Stay Blessed and Have Fun this Summer!









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