Health Fact Corner from the Saint James Health Ministry:

Crystal Richburg Oliver, Ministry Leader

August 2017 Did you Know Corner

    Ouch! What do I use for this pain?
    Did you know there are two different types of pain medication that can be purchased from over the counter without a
    prescription? But which one is right for you?
    Over the counter medication is used for occasional, common discomfort and can be purchased/found at your local
    pharmacy, drug store and/or supermarket.  
    Pain that is unrelieved more than a couple of days for fever or a couple of weeks for pain should be referred to
    your doctor.
    Please read all labels for possible side effects and any additional questions please talk with your doctor.
    Both types of these medications can reduce fevers and relieve pain but NSAIDS can also reduce inflammation
    or swelling.
    1. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
    Should not be taken if one has kidney or liver disease or consumes alcoholic drinks (3 or more a day).
     - Does not lower inflammation (swelling)
     - Easier on stomach
    2. Nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve (Naproxen Sodium), Aspirin
    May cause stomach upset, bleeding and ulcers. Take with food/milk.
    Can elevate blood pressure
    - Lowers inflammation (swelling), reduces pain and fever 
     3. Topical pain relievers, creams, lotions, sprays (Aspercreme, Ben-Gay)
    Relieve pain from sore muscles and/or arthritis.  Usually safe for long-term usage and can be an alternative for
    persons unable to take pain pills for pain relief.  Some topical pain relievers can help in pain relief by making the skin feel warm or cold.
    4.  Natural Pain relievers: 
    - Exercise
    Produces natural hormones (endorphins) that help increase pain tolerance. Use caution, begin slowly.
    - Tumeric
    Anti-inflammatory properties (decreases swelling)
    Joint pain 
    - Fish Oil
    Anti-inflammatory properties (decreases swelling)
    - Ice
    Decreases Inflammation (swelling) locally.  Apply ice right away for injuries that are swollen and painful, ie: twisted ankle 
    - Heat
    Relaxes the surrounding muscles, ie: back spasms

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