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 Scripture: Psalm 3: 2-4 (NIV)



Subject: "When Hope is all you have, Hope is all you need"



I: After watching all of the things that are transpiring around us, it is very easy for one to become discouraged and hopeless. Every week we have to watch an incompetent, habitual fabricator occupy the highest office of the land. Almost every month, we have to witness the shooting of an unarmed African American by Law Enforcement. For the last two months, we have witnessed the immigration crisis on our borders escalate to a point that our society has now become labeled as a inhumane one. Every week on social media or news networks, we see new instances of racism and bigotry being perpetrated against citizens of this country who proudly represent their native country or simply because of the color of their skin. If that is not enough, we still have to watch poor people and the working class of this country being stripped of their health care and confronted with escalating prescription cost. We have to watch citizens of Essex County and the State of New Jersey deal with fraudulent foreclosures on their homes by banks who feel like they are untouchable because they sponsor and finance so many people of color events and politicians campaigns in high and low places. Dealing with all of the aforementioned at the same time is like living a nightmare. 



II: The psalmist in our text literally feels like he is living a nightmare. The superscription of this psalm provides us with the context and author of the psalm. It is none other than David. David in the text is on the run from his son Absalom! In the midst of having to leave his place of comfort and peace (the palace), David now finds himself back in an unusual place. He is on the RUN! The enemies of David, who have been waiting patiently to get a piece of David, felt this was the most appropriate time to take him out. David's enemies made the mistake of thinking that David had no hope or protection. All David has in the text is Hope! He has no weapons, no military unit protecting him and no trusted friends. David teaches us, "When Hope is all you have, Hope is all you Need."




III: According to the text, Hope will............




#1) Allow you to drown out pessimism (2-3v)



-2v: "Many are saying of me, God will not deliver him."



-When the opposition taunts David by declaring, "God will not deliver him," they are suggesting that David had run out of hope and that God had abandoned David. 



-The opposition was basically conveying to David, that he was in such a mess that even God could not help him get out of it. 



-David drowns out their pessimism by shouting to God (3v). You do not drown out the opposition by shouting at them. You drown them out by reminding yourself of who God is!




#2) Allow you to get a good night rest (4-5)


-David has a lot going on. In verses 2-3, He drowns out the pessimism! In verse 6, David admits that tens of thousands are after him. In between verses 2-3 and verse 6, David is boasting about his ability to still go to sleep and get a good night rest.



-David is sharing with us that God has sustained him through the night even in the midst of his enemies. 



-Since God continues to allow you to go to sleep at night and wake up every morning, that must mean, there is not much to your enemies or problems as you are making them out to be. Or it must mean, God is bigger than your enemies or problems!



-Don't ever get so busy that you miss the blessing of walking up every morning. 




#3) Allow you to incarcerate fear rather than fear incarcerating you (6v)



-David does to fear what fear has done to so many. David defeats fear ands locks fear up!



-Even with 10,000 chasing after him, David does not fear because no one knows David's history and track record with God better than David. 



-David is able to incarcerate and overcome fear by remembering how God dealt with his enemies in the past. 



-If you do not check fear, fear will cause stress, anxiety, depression and paranoia. 
















































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