Scripture: I Kings 17:2 - 6 (NIV) 


Subject: "Surviving the Liminal Seasons" Part IV


Points: Elijah teaches us that we survive our liminal season by. . .

#1) Not allowing our liminal space to cause us to become disobedient (2-4v)

-Before Elijah's "public ministry" takes off, God sends him to an area to work on his "private ministry."

-Before Elijah can trust God for a miracle and provision in public, he has to trust God in private.

-Trusting God and being obedient to God is a prerequisite for moving to the next level of your life. 

-Elijah obediently enters into his liminal space believing that God's provision and protection has no geographical boundaries. 


#2) Realizing that God can use unconventional and unexpected vessels to assist us in our liminal space (6v)

-Elijah has 24 hour room service at the brook provided by "Raven Express." (unconventional and unexpected)

-The Raven is the first bird mentioned in the Bible, in Genesis 8:7v. A Raven was known as an unclean bird who had a reputation for neglecting its own (Job 38:41). God takes a selfish and unclean vessel to serve Elijah. (unconventional and unexpected)

-God had food delivered from a place where there was no drought to a place where there was a drought!

-Some of the ways that God is going to assist us will not always be through traditional, conventional, and normal methodologies.


#3) Realizing that our liminal season is a prelude to the rest of our life (6vb)

-God provides food and drink for his prophet in a very unlikely place. 

-Through this very unusual manner of nourishing God prophet physically, God was also nourishing Elijah's faith for later events that would require great courage, skill and strength!

-Elijah's liminal season (the brook) becomes a prelude for greater achievements. 

-A prelude is an event serving as an introduction to something more important. 






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