Scripture: John 11:17-44


Subject: "God Will Get You Through It" Part III


Points: God will get you through it, so . . .

#1) Do not become so impatient (17v)

-Impatient is defined as, "not willing to wait for something or someone."

-Bethany was only less than 2 miles from Jerusalem. Therefore, when Jesus received word that Lazarus was sick, it would not have taken Jesus long to get to Mary and Martha's home, if he had left immediately. 

-Martha and Mary patience had worn out because they believed that Jesus had enough time to get to their home to prevent their brother from dying. 

-John Piper noted, "Patience in doing the will of God is not an optional Christian virtue because faith is not optional and impatience is the fruit of unbelief

 #2) Do not become angry or upset with God (21-22, 32)

-Martha demonstrates that she has a slight attitude with Jesus when he arrives because she bypassed all the pleasantries and normal salutations and went directly to the point. "If you had been here, my brother would not have died.

-What we often miss is that Martha and Mary's statements were actually confessions of their faith. They believed Jesus could do anything

-When you find yourself angry or upset with God, one writer suggested that we: "1) Start Smiling, #2) Surrender our anger by counting our blessings, and #3) Consider: Do we have any just cause for complaint.

 #3) Do not worry about how bad it smells or looks (39v)

-Martha's concern and hesitation in removing the stone is because it was noted, that bodies quickly began decomposing in Palestine due to the extreme heat. Thus she declares, "by now, there is a bad odor.

-Jesus responds to her by reminding Martha that he did not ask her that

-Jesus does not care how bad you think it is, all Jesus wants you to do is to remove the stone which gives Jesus permission to do what he does best.

-The text demonstrates that Jesus is willing to touch and hang around stuff that no one else wants to touch or smell. 






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