Scripture: Joshua 4:20-24v (NIV)

Subject: "Living a Lifestyle of Perseverance" (Part III)
Pastor Ronald L. Slaughter



Points: Joshua the 4th chapter and the story of George Washington Carver teaches us...


#1) Perseverance will give you the courage to cross whatever Jordan Rivers you have to encounter in your life (Joshua 3:14-16 and Joshua 4:1v)


-The only thing standing between the Israelites and the Promise Land, is the Jordan River.


-According to Hebrew scholars, "The first crossing (Red Sea) was separation from their past (Egypt and the world) while the second crossing pictures entrance by faith into our spiritual inheritance (Promise Land)."


-Because the Israelites persevered through a similar experience in the past, they had the courage to step into deep waters that had the potential to drown them.


-Perseverance will give you the courage to step in waters that has the potential to take you out.


-Whatever your Jordan River might be; debt, lack of resources, insecurities, fear, afraid of failing, or past mistakes, go ahead and step on in and cross that river. God's got you!



#2) Perseverance will give you a story to tell (Joshua 4:20-24)


-The stones that Joshua had the priest to take out of the Jordan were to serve as a memorial to later generations that God separated the Jordan for the Israelites to cross. 


-Joshua is teaching the Israelite community as well as our community, the power of telling your own story.


-The text is teaching us to tell our own story even if the school system refuses to tell it.


-We need to tell our children about Lewis Latimer (improved production of carbon filaments for light bulbs), Dr. Charles Drew invented first blood bank and was the first black surgeon to serve as an examiner  on the American Board of Surgery), Bessie Blount (physical therapist who patent the device that allows amputees to feed themselves), Benjamin Banneker (built one of first watches made in America), Dr. Shirley Jackson (theoretical physicist who became the first black woman to earn a Ph.D from MIT and invented the portable fax and touch tone phone), Justice Thurgood Marshall (First Black Supreme Court Justice in America)


-When you tell your story, it ill remind you, if God did all of that before, God can do it again.

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