Sunday, May 20, 2018


Scripture: Acts 2: 1-4 (NIV)


Subject: "A Promise Keeper"



I: Our nation has once again been rocked by another High School Shooting. Our schools were at one time considered to be safety zones for our teachers and children. Whenever a shooting of this magnitude occurs, a lot of promises are made to address the gun laws in our country and to make our schools safer. Promises from the President down to the Senators and Congresspersons to address this epidemic. Yet no change has transpired. At what point can we expect promises to be kept? America has a history of making promises and not honoring them.




II: The good news about our text this morning is that reminds us that God is a Promise Keeper. The day of Pentecost has finally arrived for the disciples. The disciples have long anticipated the fulfillment of this promise. They have more than likely asked one another a thousand times, "when will we finally experience what Jesus promised us? Unlike America, God does honor his promise. God may not honor it on our time table but God is indeed a Promise Keeper. 




III: Thank God for being a Promise Keeper. The Promise Keeper........





#1) Does not allow space or time to cause him to forget what he promised (1-4v)



-Jesus promised the disciples that although he was leaving them, he would send the comforter (also known as the Holy Spirit) and The Holy Spirit would give the disciples unbelievable power. 



-A lot has changed since Jesus shared this promise with the disciples. However, one thing has NOT changed. And that is the promise!




-Although Jesus is now sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty (space) the promise is still good!




-Although time rolls on and we find ourselves in different stages of life than we were when the promise was made, God knows and God remembers. 






#2) Does not allow the mistakes we have made along the way to cause him to void the Promise he made (14v and 39-41)



-Peter, the self appointed spokesperson of the disciples made a Theological, Christological, Pneumatological and Eschatological statement in response to Jesus inquisition concerning who people said he was. In response to Peter's answer, Jesus declared that he would build the church upon that rock. 



-In between the declaration by Jesus (promise) and the fulfillment of that promise, Peter made a whole lot of mistakes. 




-In the book of Acts, when Peter stands up to preach, the Holy Spirit gives him unusual power and as a result of that power, over 3,000 souls are converted and changed at one time. 



-One writer noted, "God's ability to clean things up is infinitely greater than our ability to mess things up."











































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