Scripture: Matthew 4: 1-11 (NIV) 


Subject: "Surviving the Liminal Seasons" Part II


Points: According to the text, we survive liminal seasons by...

1) Not allowing evil to make us forget who we are (3-4v)

-The devil on two occasions questions the legitimacy of Jesus by stating, "IF you are the Son of God." The word "if" implies there is some doubt, reservation or thought that Jesus may not be the son of God.

-The devil attempts to play psychological games with Jesus during his liminal season.

-The devil is also attempting to see if Jesus will act independently of God.

-Jesus responds to each statement by using the word of God. 

-Never allow evil in America, on your job, or in your community, to make you forget who you are. The word of God in Romans 8:16-17, Ephesians 2:10, Matthew 5:14, and Psalm 118:22 reminds us of who we are. The word of God will get you through your liminal season.

2) Remaining Faithful to God (8-10v)

-The devil already knew it was God's plan for Jesus to rule the world. So, the enemy tries to offer Jesus what will already be his, earlier than God wanted to give it to him. In exchange for the fast track, the devil wanted Jesus to bow down and worship him.

-Once again, the devil is playing a psychological game by trying to make Jesus believe that God does not love him or deserves his worship. In essence, if God really loved you, God would have given you what I am offering you. If you worship me (devil), I will give it to you now!

-Our liminal seasons is not permission for us to fall out with God or away from God. They are designed for us to draw closer to God.

-Jesus worships in the liminal season and when he does, the enemy leaves! Seasons of liminality should not stop you from worshipping. 

3) Remembering that God can minister to you even in the liminal season (11v)

-The text declares, "Then the devil left him, and the angels came and attended him." The angels came while Jesus was still in the wilderness/liminal season.

-At the entrance (spirit of God led Jesus into the wilderness) of the liminal season is God and at the exit (angels came and attended to him) of the liminal season is God. 

-God's Sovereignty and Authority is not only present when we are on the mountain but it is also present in the liminal season.

-If God did not minister to us during the liminal seasons, we would completely fall apart in it. The mere fact that we are surviving the liminal season is proof that God is real and powerful.  








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