Scripture: Psalm 1:1-3v (NIV version)

Subject: "A Person that God Blesses"

Points: According to Psalm 1, God blesses........

#1) A Person who is not easily influenced by wicked people (1v)

-According to the psalmist, the people that God blesses, are those who are careful in their walk with God.

-A few weeks ago, the epistle of Jude taught us that we must guard our life and the gospel from people who would like to distract us and cause us to abandon the faith. 

-The psalmist warns us not to "walk in the counsel of the wicked. In essence we are advised to not take advice from wicked and ungodly people. 

-The Apostle Paul declares in I Corinthians 15:33 "Bad company corrupts good character."


#2) A Person who spends time with God (2v) 

-God sincerely loves blessing those who spend time with God.

-Whenever one meditates on the word of God, both day and night, that suggest they are spending time reading the word of God, studying the word of God and memorizing the word of God. 

-Ezekiel 3:3 reminds us to eat the word of God.

-When you spend time with God, it will certainly bless your life.


#3) A Person who is patient with God (3v)

-One scholar noted, "There can be no fruit without water. Too many Christians are more concerned about the leaves and the fruit than they are the roots, but the roots are the most important."

-When you are planted and your roots are strong, you do not get angry or impatient with God when God does not move on your time table. 

-The text mentions, "yield its fruit in Season," to caution us that prosperity and fruit may not come right away.

-If God can be patient with us, we can be patient with God!


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