Health Awareness Corner from the Saint James Health Ministry:

Crystal Richburg Oliver, Ministry Leader 


 July 2020 Did You Know Corner

 Situational Depression


We have presently surpassed six months into the year of 2020.  A year that has brought a mixture of emotions from fear, grief, and disappointments for some and for others, repair and resolute.

Did you know situational depression can be felt by many, given the experiences that we as a nation has dealt with this year? Covid-19, ongoing systemic racism, or any other type of “ism” that has left one feeling oppressed, The Black Lives Matter Movement, Loss of family/community members, loss of graduation ceremonies, loss of wedding ceremonies.  The loss of dreams deferred.  Situational depression can be defined as a period of emotional adjustment after specific life changes, such as those listed above.  Situational depression can begin anytime from three months after a life changing event/experience to six months.  Acknowledge your feelings and sense of loss and take the needed time to heal from whatever feelings you are experiencing.

Healthy tips for healing can include:

Look for individual and/or group support therapy.  It is ok NOT to be ok!

Make an appointment for a physical examination. Physical symptoms can become enhanced from stressors on our mental health.

Incorporate a healthy diet of fruits/vegetables, low salt, low carbohydrates, low fat, and low sugars.  Fish, beans, and eggs for protein intake that aide in healing.

Limit and/or refrain from alcohol/drugs as a means to manage your emotions

Stay in touch with support persons of interest.  Try not to isolate yourself, embrace the hugs, calls, and talks.

Practice a mantra of wellness, reminding you when you are feeling overwhelmed that although things may not be perfect, and the future feels uncertain-In this moment YOU are alright! Thank God Trouble Don’t Last Always!

Recognize if you need additional help with your emotions and make your physician aware, or call 1 800 273 TALK (Mental Health America Crisis #)



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