* Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, all worship support meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


Ministry Leader:
Rev. Marlo Davis-Woods

Contact Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Beautification Ministry

Ministry Leader:
Vesta Godwin Clark

Ensures that the sanctuary is appropriately appointed for each liturgical season. The ministry updates all bulletin boards to keep the congregation abreast of upcoming events and seasons in the church’s life. They are responsible for decorating the sanctuary and dining areas for church-wide events. In addition, they do periodic cleaning of the sanctuary.

Hospitality Ministry

Ministry Leader:
Linda Rutherford

The ministry’s mission is to support the overarching vision of the church by heartening and emboldening our congregation and community to grow for God’s glory with an encouraging and cooperative spirit.  The Hospitality Ministry fortifies themselves for service through study of the word, prayer, and contemplation so that their actions and words may be a reflection of Christ who lives within them.  The ministry’s primary function is to welcome all visitors at the appointed time during worship service at the main site and provide the congregation and visitors with all data and materials necessary for worship at the church’s 2nd Site at South Orange Performing Arts Center.

Nurse's Ministry

Ministry Leader:
Rev. Marlo Davis-Woods

Contact Info:
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Ministry Meeting Dates and Times: 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Striving to serve the health needs of people by promoting awareness of health maintenance and by providing comfort measures during times of sickness.

Pastor's Aid Society

Ministry Leader:
Arnita Harden

Contact Info:
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Ministry Meeting Dates and Times:  the 2nd Saturday of every month from September thru June. 

The Pastor Aid Society ministry supports the Pastor. This is done financially, spiritually, and morally.  The aid ministry shows love, support, encouragement, strength and service to the pastor and his family.

Prayer Ministry  

Ministry Meeting Dates and Times: Tuesdays at 7:30 PM

The prayer ministry's vision is to assist people in taking charge of their own personal prayer walk.  They endeavor to get everyone in the habit of praying for themselves as they face the challenges of daily living.

Prayer Conference Call:

Live: 605-475-3270, Access code 882198# (Mon-Sat 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM)

Playback:  605-475-3269, Access code 882198#

Technical Difficulties: 805-360-1075 (follow instructions)

Security Ministry

Ministry Meeting Dates and Times: 3rd Sundays after 7:30 Worship

“Keep a watchful eye …” Comprised of dedicated church members, some of which are past or present law enforcement officers, this ministry provides a safe and secure environment for worship, both indoors and outdoors.

The Stewardess Boards

The Stewardess Boards serve under the direction of the Senior Steward Board and are responsible for preparing the elements of Holy Communion and assisting with baptism. Saint James has seven Stewardess Boards.

Usher Boards

Ministry Leader:
Desiree Coleman

The Ushers assist the Pastor by representing the church in a positive way and helping to set the tone in preparation for worship services.  All ushers embody a welcoming spirit, which allows the congregants to enter into service with a frame of mind to worship God and to receive the message.  The ministry of ushering is a vital part of the life of our church. Saint James currently has 4 active usher boards that serve weekly on Sundays and for special services.

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