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Midweek Bible Study Handout:


Andrews: God is Light

Ringold: 2020 Visions

Irby: Forgiveness

Ringold: Overcoming Rejection

Andrews: Abiding In the Light

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Ince: Fasting and Praying

Irby: Resisting Temptation

Ringold: A Delay Doesn't Mean Denial



Women's Bible Study Handouts:

Williams: The Eternal Purpose of God for the Christian Believer

Rev. Andrews:Jew and Gentile Reconciled Through Christ

Williams: Made Alive with Christ

Rev. Andrews: Our Identity in Christ Jesus

Ingram: Your Fears

 Ottey: Your Pressures



Men's Bible Study Handouts:


What is Salvation - What is the Christian Doctrine of Salvation

What is Justification

What is Sanctification






South Orange Campus Bible Study Handouts:


Clark: Battlefield of the Mind