* Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, in-person worship and Bible Study at our South Orange campus have been cancelled until further notice.


Ministerial Team

Rev. Ronald Slaughter, Senior Pastor
Rev. Theresa Andrews, Minister to South Orange Campus


Music Ministry Team

Min. Steve Hill, Director of Music
Charles Duke
Daryl James
Jeffrey Motley

Media Ministry Team

Carl Peterman, Director

Ron Barkley

Hospitality Ministry Team

Linda Rutherford
Claudine Byrd
Edina Byrd
Kim Lemon
Stephanie Miles
Denise Spencer
Carole Smith

Tech Team

Melissa E. Harris
Carin Burwell
Kim Fields

New Life Ministry

Carin Burwell
Sandra Hewett 
Paula King 
Ron Barkley

Stewardess Board

Sandra Hewett, President
Sheila Kariu
Paula King
Audrey Massiah

Steward Board 

Carl Peterman
Carin Burwell
Robert Ellis
Brian Talmadge

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