Scripture: Psalm 73:16-17 (NIV)
Subject: "I Feel Like Going On" (Part III)
I: Roger B. Taney, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, ruled on March 6, 1857, in the case of Dred Scott v John Sanford that, "African-Americans were not and could not be citizens. Taney wrote that the Founders' words in the Declaration of Independence, "all men were created equal," were never intended to apply to blacks." Sadly, Chief Justice Taney's philosophy during that time existed in many places around the United States including higher learning institutions. The United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights wrote in March 1991, "Historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) were established to serve the educational needs of black Americans. Prior to the time of their establishment, and for many years afterwards, blacks were generally denied admission to traditionally white institutions. As a result, HBCU's became the principle means for providing post secondary education to black Americans."
II: Asaph, Berechia's son, was the chief musician during the reign of King David. David gave Asaph the specific assignment of giving constant praise and thanks to God. Asaph led the people of God daily in praise and ministered before the Ark on a daily basis. He did his job so well that some scholars believe he eventually became David's private prophet. As Asaph is worshipping God, rejoicing daily and leading the people in praise, He becomes frustrated with God over the prosperity of the wicked. Asaph becomes troubled by two particular issues. 1) Why does the wicked or ungodly prosper and 2) Why does it appear that the godly experience so much pain?
III: I feel like going on because.........
#1) A life with God is far better than any life without God
-Asaph admits his frustration by sharing how oppressive things had become for him trying to figure out his dilemma concerning the godly and the ungodly.
-Once Asaph enters the sanctuary, he figures out that the ungodly (godless) are living their lives on sinking sand. 
-Any relationship without God is a relationship built on sinking sand. 
#2) God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient 
-In the sanctuary, Asaph has an Epiphany moment. 
-Before verse 17 Asaph was about to lose it. After verse 17, Asaph gets himself together. 
-Asaph realizes that God is everywhere, all powerful and all knowing. 


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