Sunday, December 9, 2018



Rev. Theresa Andrews, J.D. , M.Div.


ScriptureLuke 3: 2-6 (NIV)


Subject: At the Appointed Time


Point 1: First of all, John teaches that we all need to know God’s timing and our purpose. (v.2)

-John knew God’s timing.

-At that time God spoke to John.

-God’s timing was a kairos moment.

-There is a difference between chronos time and a kairosmoment.

-Chronos is quantitative.

-Kairos is qualitative.

-Advent was a kairos moment, the appointed time for Jesus to come.

-Then, John knew his purpose. 

-God spoke directly to John.

-John knew that the prophets of God and the Angel of God, Gabriel, had prophesied about him and his purpose.

-God’s assignment for John was to prepare the hearts of the people for Jesus.


Point 2: The second principle we learn from John is to be faithful in completing our purpose. (v.3)

- John listened and was obedient to God.

-God gave John the power of the Holy Spirit to perform the assignment.

-John had a choice.

-John had the responsibility to believe in and work with the prophecy for it to be realized.

-John faithfully completed God’s purpose for his life.

-As Christians that should be the desire of our hearts.


Point 3: Lastly, John teaches us to be true to our purpose and calling. (v.4)

-John had a difficult assignment as a prophet to proclaim truth and prepare hearts for Jesus.

-He was courageous and did not care what others thought.

-John was not preaching a popular topic, he was preaching against sin and repentance.

-Repentance means turning away from sin.

-John even spoke the truth to power.

-Most importantly, John was humble.

-Some thought John was the Messiah but John made it clear that he was not the Messiah.

-When the time came for Jesus to come into his ministry, John knew he was to decrease and Jesus was to increase.

-His assignment was to prepare the way for the Lord, Jesus.

-John reluctantly baptized Jesus because John thought he was unworthy to have the honor of baptizing Jesus, the Messiah.

- At the appointed time, God sent John to prepare the way for Jesus. John was faithful to his assignment. When Jesus began his ministry, John was willing to step back out of the spotlight, to step aside and let Jesus shine.

-Jesus says that we are greater than John because we know and have seen the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

-We know Jesus to be our Savior and everything that we need. Praise Jesus! We give Jesus praise!

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