🌿Sermon Notes🌿

Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

Scripture: John 16:1-33 (NIV)
Subject: "Remaining Positive in a Crisis"
#1) When you Balance your Intake 
-In verse 6, the disciples faces were filled with grief and they were on the brink of depression. In verses 29-30, they confess that they now believe that Jesus came from God. 
-As soon as crisis and trouble arrives, we act like Jesus that delivered us before no longer exist. 
-The disciples were operating more on science than they were on faith. 
-The first six verses caused them to be in-balanced. Verses 17-28 balanced things out! 
-Start controlling what people bring you! You are not a Garbage Disposal. 
#2) When you realize it may be your first crisis but its not Jesus first rodeo
-Jesus told the disciples these things so that they might have peace.
-Jesus instructs the disciples to "Take Heart," which means to be courageous, don't be afraid or you will get through this.
-Jesus had to overcome many things like: 1) Being Quarantine, 2) Homeless, 3) Disease/Virus, 4) Attacks, 5) Poverty, 6) Betrayal, 7) Denial and 8) Death.


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