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Scripture: Luke 19: 39-40 (NIV)
Subject: "The Benefits of Palm Sunday"
I: Martin Luther, who was born in 1483 in Germany, became known as one of the most significant figures in Western History's Theological Community. In 1517, Luther attacked the Catholic Church for their corrupt practices and propounded two central beliefs. One, the Bible is the sole authority and two, salvation is obtained by faith and not because of ones deeds. Those two beliefs coupled with Luther calling out the Catholic church's corruption led to what is known as the Protestant Reformation. Because of his prominent role in the Reformation, many persons lose sight of Luther's powerful and brilliant preaching. Regarding Palm Sunday, Luther once declared, "We should, therefore, mark all the difference between Christ's kingdom and worldly powers, as he himself clearly showed by his extraordinary entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, without a saddle, the animal a borrowed one at that."
II: Luther's sermon on Palm Sunday pretty much sums up what our text captures. Luke primarily focuses on three areas of the Palm Sunday triumphal entry. He deals with the preparation for the entrance, the celebration during the entrance and the denunciation after the entrance. Focusing on those three particular areas will assist us in gleaming insights concerning the benefits of Palm Sunday. 
III: The benefits of Palm Sunday is that it teaches us.......
#1) There are some things we should keep under radar until it is time to reveal it
-Jesus never mentions anything to anyone about riding the colt/donkey into Jerusalem until it was time.
-Evidence of the disciples not knowing is best seen when Jesus had to tell them where to go, where to locate the colt and what to say to the owner. 
-Sometimes people try to stop us because our mouth has alerted them of what we are trying to do.
-One writer noted four reasons you should keep your dreams to yourself: "1) The one you share your dream with may try to talk you out of them, 2) Sometimes people are not as happy for you as they depict themselves to be, 3) Your biggest supporters may be your biggest critics, 4) Your dreams need your protection."
#2) Stop allowing people to have access to you that don't know how to treat you
-In order to understand v.38, you have to read Luke 13:35.
-Jesus was clear! I'm not coming back to you until you treat me like I deserve to be treated and honored.
-Wayne Dyer noted: "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours."
-One behavioral psychologist used the term "Law of Effect" that says, "by putting up with individuals (spouse, boo, lover, man, woman, BFF) nasty behavior towards you, you are giving them the message that it is ok to treat you that way."
#3) Don't let anyone rain on your parade
-Note the time when the haters and party spoilers show up. After it is over!
-The Pharisees wanted Jesus to denounce the crowd. He refused to do so.
-If they did not help you plan it, put anything on it and didn't know anything about it, don't let them rain on it. 
-This parade was predestined and preordained. And so is your life and your future. 







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