Church Phone Number: 973-622-1344
Church Fax Number: 973-622-6912


 Contact Person

Ext. 119

Rev. Pamela Ringold, MDiv
 Business Manager

Ext. 124

Sis. Alison Nettles
Executive Assistant to the Pastor
General Information, Church Calendar, Report Illness, Weddings & Funerals

Ext. 116

Sis. Barbara Carter
Facilities Manager

Ext. 111

Sis. Kim Irby
Data Base Assistant/Contributions

Ext. 120

Rev. Reginald Clark
Minister to Men (Leave a Message)

Ext. 126

Dance Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 134

Bro. Daryl & Sis. Johnetta Stewart
Marriage Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 137

Music Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 138

Rev. Tanya Blaine
Parenting Alone Ministries (P.A.M.)

Ext. 139

Marketing & Communications Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 141

Evangelism Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 142

Bro. Carl Peterman & Sis. Phyllis Ossai
Media Ministry 

Ext. 145

 New Life Ministries (Leave a Message)


After School Program (Sept-June)
Safe Haven Summer Peace Camp (June-Aug)


Saint James Social Services Corporation (604 MLK Jr. Blvd)


Marion P. Thomas Charter School

Prayer Line

Live: 605-475-3270, Access code 882198# (Mon-Sat 6 AM and 9 PM)
Playback:  605-475-3269, Access code 882198#


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