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Church Phone Number: 973-622-1344
Church Fax Number: 973-622-6912


 Contact Person

Ext. 119

Rev. Pamela Ringold, MDiv
 Business Manager

Ext. 124

Sis. Alison Nettles
Executive Assistant to the Pastor
General Information, Report Illness, Weddings, and Funerals

Ext. 116

Sis. Barbara Carter
Facilities Manager

Ext. 111

Sis. Kim Irby
Data Base Assistant/Contributions

Ext. 120

Rev. Reginald Clark
Minister to Men (Leave a Message)

Ext. 126

Dance Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 134

Bro. Daryl & Sis. Johnetta Stewart
Marriage Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 137

Music Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 138

Parenting Alone Ministries (P.A.M.)

Ext. 139

Marketing & Communications Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 141

Evangelism Ministry (Leave a Message)

Ext. 142

Bro. Carl Peterman & Sis. Phyllis Ossai
Media Ministry 

Ext. 145

 New Life Ministries (Leave a Message)




Saint James Social Services Corporation (604 MLK Jr. Blvd)


Marion P. Thomas Charter School

Prayer Line

Live: 605-475-3270, Access code 882198#

(Mon-Sat 6 AM and 9 PM)
Playback:  605-475-3269, Access code 882198#


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